American River Parkway Engagement Photos
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American River Parkway Engagement Photos

American River parkway engagement photos of a couple smiling at each other while they stand on the rocky shoreline of the river bank. You might be asking yourself why do I even need engagement photos? One big reason to have these kind of photos taken is to commemorate your engagement to your soon to be wife or husband. These photographs will give you a special reminder of your spouse and you before you started down the road as a married couple. The biggest reasons for couples having engagement pictures taken of themselves is to get comfortable in front of the camera, so that come their wedding day they will be use to having their pictures taken. I highly recommend that my wedding couples do this so that they also get to know me better and get use to the process of having their photo taken. Most all couples have never had professional pictures taken of themselves together, so this is a great way to ease them into what’s going to happen on their wedding day.

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