Dollar House Chinquapin Wedding Photos
Doug Miranda Photography

Dollar House Chinquapin Wedding Photos

Leslie and Jerrod’s wedding took place at the historic Dollar House in the Chinquapin condo complex on the shores of North Lake Tahoe just outside of Tahoe City California. Leslie’s family own’s a condo in the complex, so they were able to host their ceremony and reception at the Dollar House that September. It’s located right on the shore line heading out toward Dollar Point and is surround by a tall pine tree forest, which make for some great shade on a hot day. On there wedding day there was a over cast layer of high clouds that made for shade all day long around the lake basin. They had a wonderful ceremony on the patio overlooking all of Tahoe that afternoon. After we finished their family and bridal party formal portraits we head down to the pier to take some bride and groom pictures. Once we were finished with the lake photos we headed back up to the house and into the woods adjacent to it for some more bride and groom photographs. There are some cool old cabins in that pine forest that make for a nice backdrop in the photos. Since it was over cast that day it made for some beautiful diffused light anywhere we went and I was able to find a nice pocket of light in those woods. I had Leslie and Jerrod cuddle up next to each other on the dirt trail. I took a couple photos of them looking at me and then I instructed them to look out towards the lake and asked Jerrod to whisper into Leslie’s ear. Most of the time when I have a couple do this, it ends up in laughter. Which is exactly what happened a couple of seconds later and I was ready to fire off a couple photos of this genuine laughter.

Location: Chinquapin 3600 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145.

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