Flower Farm Inn Wedding Photographers
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Flower Farm Inn Wedding Photographers

What a gorgeous wedding dress! I would have to say that this wedding dress was in my top two favorite dress’s for the year. Amanda and her husband were married at the Flower Farm Inn, in Loomis California during the late part of October. It had been raining all day long and right when everyone started to get ready for the wedding ceremony the rain finally started to let up and eventually stopped right before the ceremony and for the rest of the day. They have a beautiful old victorian house on the grounds at the Flower Farm Inn for the bride to get ready in with all of her bridesmaids. There is a stunning sitting room off to the side of the living room on the bottom floor that had some great light coming through all the windows, so that’s were I decide to take some photos of the wedding dress by itself. After snapping of a couple of pictures at different angles I was done and Amanda needed to get into the dress, so we could get started on bride and bridesmaids photos before the start of the ceremony. This was a pure documentary photo as I took a hand full of photos as she walked into the room to get her dress and this ended up being the winner of the bunch. I really like how everything came together in this photo and how it shows off the beauty in a simple action of getting a wedding dress down.

Location: The Flower Farm Inn 4150 Auburn Folsom Rd Loomis, CA 95650.

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