Nella Terra Cellars Bride Getting Ready Photos
Doug Miranda Photography

Nella Terra Cellars Bride Getting Ready Photos

Christie was getting ready for her wedding day at Nella Terra Cellars in a hotel room near by in Pleasanton California. We had a good amount of time to take getting ready photos of Christie and her bridesmaids, which let us slow down and find some good angles for the pictures. I kept on moving all over the hotel room taking photos to see how the light landed on her face as she sat in the hair and make up chair. At first when I found this angle I was a little further back to where her head and body were right in front of the bright window. Those were good shots, but not great. I moved a little so that her body and head were directly in front of the window curtains and she still had that nice high light on her face giving the photo life. I was snapping away when her hair dresser started to spray some hairspray and thats when I captured this photos. I really like how the dark curtains really make Christie and the hairspray stand out in the photograph.

Location: Nella Terra Cellars 5005 Sheridan Rd, Sunol, CA 94586.

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