Nella Terra Cellars Wedding Ceremony Photographer
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Nella Terra Cellars Wedding Ceremony Photographer

Mario and Christie had a perfect spring wedding in the rolling hills of Sunol California at Nella Terra Cellars on a sunny April day. I love photographing wedding ceremonies, since that’s the main reason that everyone is attending the wedding day. There are so many emotions that happen within that ten to thirty minute time frame that a usual ceremony takes place in. You have bride and grooms smiling, laughing, crying, being nervous and sad and many other reactions to the wedding ceremony by guest too. The ceremony is also a perfect time to capture the real emotion of a couple on their wedding day. During the ceremony I love to take photographs of the grooms since most of the day it’s all about the bride. It’s nice to get some great natural photographs of the groom. In this photo I was off to the side behind all the bridesmaids hiding is some bush to take this photo. The main reason of going way off to the side and behind everyone was to take some pictures of him in some nice light. If I was to have taken this same picture from the front were everyone else was he was being blasted by the sun. By stepping behind I had this wonderful light and was able to isolate him with this plan background of the grassy hill in the distance. I just love the look and emotion that’s on his face and in his eyes. You can tell that he’s in the moment and is excited to be marrying his wife.

Location: Nella Terra Cellars 5005 Sheridan Rd, Sunol, CA 94586.

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