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Nella Terra Cellars Wedding Pictures

During the wedding day there is so much going on that sometimes the only time the couple has time to themselves is during their portrait session. Even then sometimes they have other people around helping them out with hair and makeup. That’s were sunset photos come in and the couple can be all alone, well beside us photographers being there. Usually this happens during dinner or dancing. It’s easy to grab just the two of them and run off for a quick 10 minute session with out anyone following us out. This is were Christie and Mario come in on their wedding day at Nella Terra Cellars in Sunol Ca. It was a perfect spring day and they couldn’t have asked for better weather, since it rained the day before. It was during the middle of their dinner that we grabbed the two of them and rushed up the steep driveway that leads to the stunning over look of the hillsides at Nella Terra Cellars. When I first met Christie and we talked about her wedding day, she hoped that all the surrounding hillside grass was green on her wedding day and not the golden brown color that it is most of the year in Sunol Ca. Well she lucked out since we actually had a wet winter in Northern California, which helped turn all the grass green for her. We only had about 10 minutes before the sun would set so we rushed around and set up as many poses and took as many photos as we could in that short amount of time. In the end we ended up with tons of great photos for them with this being one of my favorites. I just love the movement in her dress and the surrounding grass. The last bit of golden light highlighting her face and the hillside just top it off. Plus add in the love of Christie and Mario and you end up with this perfect wedding photo. Even if we had more time I highly doubt that we would of stayed up there any longer than the ten minutes due to the windy conditions mixed in with the cold air that was giving everyone goosebumps. We were all happy to go back down to the reception tent and stay warm for the rest of the night.

Location: Nella Terra Cellars 5005 Sheridan Rd, Sunol, CA 94586.

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