Wedding Photography at The Westin Sacramento
Doug Miranda Photography

Wedding Photography at The Westin Sacramento

It always fun to photograph wedding ceremonies and capture the range of emotions that happen with during the services. This is the main and only reason everyone has shown up for a couple’s wedding day is to see the two of them exchange vows during the ceremony and see them join their lives together. In this photograph Rachel is listening to her soon to be husband Venia recite his wedding vows to her. As you can see from this pictures she is over the moon about him. Their wedding ceremony and reception took place on the banks of the Sacramento River at The Westin Sacramento located on Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento, Ca. It was a super hot September day, which everyone had to take in stride since the ceremony took place outside in the sunny weather. Every bride and groom reacts differently during the wedding ceremony, but Rachel was smiling from ear to ear during most of the ceremony. The expression on her face is so genuine and you can truly tell that she is madly in love with Venia. I’m really excited with how this wedding ceremony photo turned out and is one of my favorites from the year. From the look on the bride’s face to the one of the bridesmaids smiling along and the other bridesmaid wiping away a tear on her face. In order to take this picture I used a telephoto lens to capture for the side of the ceremony site. I like to to work the sides of a ceremony location so that I’m not in the guest way and a distraction to the important events that are taking place. The bride was beautifully backlit, which made the nice rim light on her head and made her standout in the image. Wedding days are about emotions and this photograph truly captures one of the many emotions at happen during the day.

Location: The Westin Sacramento 4800 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822.

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