Cave Rock Beach Elopement
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Cave Rock Beach Elopement

Cave Rock beach elopement ceremony photos captured by Lake Tahoe elopement photographer Doug Miranda Photography. In this picture a couple is holding hands and exchanging vows in front of close family members on the pristine sandy shores of Lake Tahoe Nevada. Their micro wedding took place on a sunny summer day in July. The small beach area at Cave Rock does get quite packed during the summer months. They were able to get this area of the beach for their ceremony by having a family member stake out the beach early in the morning and put up two huge shade tents. By doing this they were able to have this amazing beach area of their nuptials. During the busy summer months this was a smart thing to do in order to get the perfect elopement location that the couple wanted.

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Location: Hwy 28, Glenbrook, NV 89413..

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