Dollar House Chinquapin Wedding Photos
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Dollar House Chinquapin Wedding Photos

Dollar House Chinquapin wedding photos of a bride and groom kissing after sunset in the alpine glow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the Lake Tahoe. We were out on the pier during sunset and decide to stay a little longer to capture this other worldly pictures for the couple. Once I took the photos and looked at the back of the camera I knew that the couple would be over the moon with the results. After this we went back up to the Dollar House at Chinquapin for the couple to enjoy the rest of their reception with all the guest.

Another big key item for your Lake Tahoe elopement is finding a photographer that can take photographs during your nuptials. As a Lake Tahoe elopement photographer myself I would say to book me and if I’m not open on your date you should look for a wedding photographer that has knowledge of the Tahoe area. I know that lots of websites and planners say you should hire a local photographer because they know best which is not true. Honestly most all Tahoe photographers don’t even live in Tahoe and live in the surrounding areas. Tahoe is just to dam expensive to live in. This is where you just need to find a photographer who has knowledge of the area and has photographed lots of wedding in and around the Tahoe basin. You’ll be able to find this out by looking at websites or calling around.

Dollar house chinquapin wedding

Location: 3600 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145.

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