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Squaw Valley weddings

I love visiting and taking wedding photos of my cute couples in Squaw Valley CA. Squaw Valley is one of the hidden gems of the Lake Tahoe area. It is a high alpine valley that does not disappoint that is surround by tall peaks all around the valley floor. It’s truly a unique location to host a wedding ceremony and reception at. Julie and Sasha held their wedding in the middle of August up at Squaw Valley High Camp, which is at the top of tram at the ski resort. Before we headed up the tram they wanted some wedding pictures in the famous meadow at Squaw Valley. I always get asked whats the best time of the day to take photos at. Well of course it’s always in the late afternoon leading up until the sun sets, but most all of the time we only take a small about of those photos during the wedding day. When you’re a wedding photographer and are following the timeline of wedding day and it’s events you don’t really get to pick the right time to take photos of the couple. When we walked out into the meadow it was mid day with high over head harsh light, but I had to make it work and get great photos for Julie and Sasha. Luckily how Squaw Valley is set up most of the day the sun is coming from behind the huge mountains, so that you can place the sun at the couple’s backs and have a stunning back drop. I was able to take tons of great photos on that summer day in the meadow before we headed off to their ceremony. This was one of my favorites of the day and super easy to achieve. We had just got done taking photos in them middle of the meadow and they want to take some more photos by the wooden fence that lines the valley floor. As we were moving locations I told Sasha to get behind Julie and pick up the back of her dress as they walked over. When they stared to walk I snapped off a couple of photos and end up with this picture. I just love how he’s helping her out and they’re both genuinely smiling and it just looks so natural.

Location: The Village at Squaw 1960 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA.

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