Grand Island Mansion Wedding Photo
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Grand Island Mansion Wedding Photo

Grand Island Mansion wedding photo of a newly married couple standing out front of the mansion with the big white pillars as a backdrop at sunset. The mansion and it’s property is a photographers playground with such massive grounds and a house to photograph inside and out. There’s the front of the mansion with it’s pillars, steps, fountains and tall cypress trees. Across the road are breathtaking views of the California Delta water ways and the Steamboat Slough. Behind the mansion are more fountains, a pool, tennis courts and a private pear orchard that’s a great back drop for pictures. Inside the mansion photo opportunities bound with vintage decorated rooms, hallways, and amazing lounge areas. This is always a plus during summer weddings when you can go inside and cool off while still taking pictures.

Location: 13415 Grand Island Rd, Walnut Grove, CA 95690..

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