Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding Reception Dance Photos
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Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding Reception Dance Photos

Vizcaya Sacramento wedding reception dance photos of a groom dancing the night away with his family and friends during his summer wedding day. Dancing photographs are always fun to capture especially if the guest are really letting loose on the dance floor and really don't notice you at all. When this happens you're able to come away with those true candid moments from the party. Receptions and meal service all take place in the stunningly beautiful indoor pavilion. This building is divided into two massive rooms that can host up to 240 guest. One side is dedicated for guest to sit down and eat in, while the other room is where your dance party will take place in. If you have a larger guest count some of your friends and family members will be seated in this room near the dance floor. Those guest will still be able to see and hear you during your speeches and toast or any other event that will take place in the main dinning room.

Location: 2019 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818..

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