Catta Verdera Country Club Fall Wedding Pictures
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Catta Verdera Country Club

Catta Verdera Country Club Fall Wedding Pictures

Catta Verdera Country Club fall wedding pictures of a newly married couple walking together on one of the golf cart paths near some colorful trees. The wonderful staff will also be able to drive you around in a golf cart to a couple areas around the golf course to have your photographs take at. There are some very cool old stone bridges that they can take you to. The final and best area to have your portraits taken at is around grand Spanish style looking club house. There are so many beautiful spots around this building, including the arched outdoor hallways, the center water fountain and the front walk way entrance to the building.

Here’s a list of unique services that Catta Verdera Country Club offers for weddings and events.

  1. Outdoor and indoor ceremony locations.
  2. Indoor reception site.
  3. Bridal Suite.
  4. Groom Suite.
  5. Up to 180 guests capacity limit.
  6. Dinnerware, flatware and glassware.
  7. Reception tables, chairs and lines.
  8. Wedding planning.
  9. Ceremony chairs.
  10. Full setup and clean up service.
  11. Full bar set up and bartender.
  12. Catering for meals.
  13. Handicap Accessible.

Location: Catta Verdera Clubhouse, 1111 Catta Verdera, Lincoln, CA 95648..

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