The Century Modesto Wedding Photograph
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The Century Modesto Wedding

The Century Modesto Wedding Photograph

The Century Modesto wedding photograph of a couple holding each others hands during the portrait session part of their day in front of the building. The Century in downtown Modesto has many photographic opportunities. First you have the venue itself, which has so much personality with the exposed brick walls, chandeliers and twinkle lights. There is also the open breezeway next door at The Alcove and Nine3One. Even the front of this old historical building lends itself as a great back drop for wedding photos. Other photo opportunities abound in the surrounding area. Just across the street is an ally way that is decorated with a handful of beautiful wall murals. About a block away is the side of Stuarts Steakhouse that has a great pattern that surrounds the building. Then across the street is the Gallo Center that has lots of potential for photos. There is also the Old Post Office and many other locations that are hidden in the downtown area, which make perfect backdrops for bridal party and couple’s portraits.

The Century Modesto Wedding Portraits

Location: 927 10th St, Modesto, CA 95354..

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