Century Modesto Wedding Reception Alcove Picture
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The Century Modesto Wedding

Century Modesto Wedding Reception Alcove Picture

Century Modesto wedding reception Alcove picture of a groom kissing his wife on the cheek, while this sit at their sweat heart table. Receptions are held in the main ballroom where the ceremonies take place at. Depending on the size of your event part of the ballroom might have to be adjusted to accommodate more dinner tables and chairs in the area where the ceremony just took place at. During this time your guest and you will be able to enjoy cocktail hour before the start of your dinner and reception events for the night. The Century can hold up to 175 guest when your ceremony and reception is taking place there, but if you’re only have a reception here it can accommodate up to 250 guest. Next door at Nine3One the Alcove can also hold small receptions besides ceremonies. The receptions at the Alcove take place just outside the ceremony room in the covered breezeway that creates an indoor/outdoor environment. This covered breezeway area has lots of natural light coming through the giant skylights above giving you that outdoor dinning feel to this reception area. No matter the size of your wedding reception this venue will have you covered for all of your events.

The Century Modesto Wedding Reception Alcove Photos

Location: 927 10th St, Modesto, CA 95354..

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