Citizen Hotel Nighttime Wedding Photo
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Citizen Hotel Wedding

Citizen Hotel Nighttime Wedding Photo

Citizen Hotel nighttime wedding photo of a cute couple cuddling together high above the downtown Sacramento skyline on the Governors Suite balcony. This balcony has the most amazing views of the downtown area that I have seen to date. I'm pretty sure that having access to this area is one of many reasons that couples choose to host their special day at this elegant hotel. This couple was married in December so the sun had already set before the end of their ceremony, so we end up with this stunning nighttime scene.

One reason that you should host your event here is the pure beauty of this historical building. If you’re into old historical locations and cool looking architecture with character than you should really think about taking a site visit with one of the planners at Citizen Hotel. There are many unique locations around the hotel to look at and have your photos taken in front of. This hotel feels like your stepping back into time when you walk through the front doors. You get that old time feel and look with all the modern futures of a new hotel.

Location: 926 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814..

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