The Citizen Hotel Wedding Picture
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Citizen Hotel Wedding

The Citizen Hotel Wedding Picture

The Citizen Hotel wedding picture of a married couple posing for some photos out on the Governors Suite balcony high a top of the building, which gives you the most amazing views of the Sacramento downtown skyline. It was a cold December evening, but this cute couple braved the wind and cold weather to get some unique images on their special day. It's not often you get access to a location like this so you better take advantage of it while you can.

Here’s a list of services the hotel offers for events.

  • Day of wedding planner.
  • Banquet Staff, bartender and bar.
  • Plates, silverware and glassware.
  • Tables, chairs, linens and a dance floor.
  • Catering for event and dinner services.
  • On-site accommodations.
  • Inside ceremony and reception area.
  • Valet parking for guest.
  • Setup and cleanup services by hotel staff.
  • On site dressing room.
  • Capacity is 250 guest.
  • Able to host events year-round.

Location: 926 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814..

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