Edgewood Tahoe Lakefront Wedding Photos
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Edgewood Tahoe Wedding

Edgewood Tahoe Lakefront Wedding Photos

Edgewood Tahoe lakefront wedding photos taken of a bride and groom cuddling together on the waterfront pier as the sunset sets behind them on their special day. Once your ceremony is over and your guest are enjoying cocktail hour you’ll be on the lake shore having your formal portraits taken with family and bridal party members. When you’re finished with these formal portraits you’ll be able to walk around the grounds and have your couples portraits taken by your Edgewood Tahoe wedding photographer. Depending on what ballroom your wedding takes place in will determine what part of the property you have access to for these pictures. With the North Room you’ll have access to the beach and shoreline from your ballroom going north up the beach. You’ll also have access to that side of the club house and the front of it. South Room couples will have access the beach and shoreline from their ceremony site going southward away from the clubhouse. You’ll also have access to the private pier that is located on the grounds, along with the lodge’s lawn. North Room couples can have access to this south area if there is not another event happening on that day in the South Room.

South Room Edgewood Tahoe Wedding Pictures

Location: 180 Lake Pkwy, Stateline, NV 89449..

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