Firehouse Restaurant Wedding First Dance
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Firehouse Restaurant Wedding

Firehouse Restaurant Wedding First Dance

Firehouse Restaurant wedding first dance photo of a bride and groom smiling at their guest, while they look on during the end of their special dance together. I love how all the guest are smiling and capturing photos in the background in this picture. It gives the photograph so much for depth to it. Receptions can be held indoors and outdoors depending on the size of your event and weather. Your event can also use both the outdoor and indoor areas, which most wedding do. The nice thing about the location of the Firehouse is it’s close proximity to downtown and all the hotels that are near by. This gives your out of town guest lots of lodge options to choose from. The 4,000 square foot courtyard is big enough to hold events of all sizes. When your reception events are over your dance party will take place out in the open confines of the courtyard.

Firehouse Restaurant Wedding First Dance Photo

Location: 1112 2nd St, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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