Flower Farm Inn Wedding Vineyard Photography
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Flower Farm Inn Wedding

Flower Farm Inn Wedding Vineyard Photography

Flower Farm Inn wedding vineyard photography of a cute husband and wife standing in the rows of vines that that are located on the massive property. The photo opportunities abound here on this sprawling property. There’s the orchards and vineyard for a nice backdrop. Then there is the reflecting pool that is usually in the shade and great spot to beat the Sacramento summer heat. Just across the way from the reflecting pool is the charming old white main house with it’s white picket fence. There are so many locations around this old house for pictures. Especially it’s front covered porch that just begs for some bride and groom portraits to be taken on. These are just a few of the many photo locations that are on this amazing property. When the late afternoon light hits this area it becomes a photographers dream location.

Location: 4150 Auburn Folsom Rd, Loomis, CA 95650..

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