Forest House Lodge Wedding Portraits
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Forest House Lodge Wedding

Forest House Lodge Wedding Portraits

Forest House Lodge wedding portraits of a cute couple holding hands together in the woods by Grand Sierra Point ceremony location. There are a ton of great forested areas around the ceremony site for couple's portraits. If you hit it just right the sun will be coming through the woods in the late afternoon. My number one reason is that the venue is an all inclusive wedding site. Meaning you’ll be the only wedding happening that day and you’ll have the whole lodge and wedding site to yourself. This is huge in this day and age with many wedding venues that host up to two weddings a day. With you being the only wedding happening that day means you’ll be their top priority and will receive the venue's full attention. In turn your wedding day will run smoothly and will be stress free. The other bonus of having the the whole lodge to yourself is that some of your guest can stay at the lodge with you.

Location: 24590 Main St, Foresthill, CA 95631..

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