Gold Hill Gardens Wedding Picture
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Gold Hill Gardens Wedding Picture

Gold Hill Gardens wedding picture of a couple posing from some photos on a dirt road that's line with beautiful oak trees near the reception location. The reception site is located just behind the inn and next the pool and pool house. All of the receptions, meals and dances will take place under the massive white event tent. I always enjoy photographing receptions in these types of elegant reception tents. This one has clear plastic window walls that can be rolled up or down depending on the weather. The nice thing is you’ll always be able to see out and great those great views of the surrounding grounds and forest. There are a couple huge hanging chandeliers inside the tent that provide ample amounts of light once the sun sets for the day. This reception area is big enough to host up to 150 guest for dinner and dancing.

Gold Hill Gardens Wedding Photos

Location: 2325 Gold Hill Rd, Newcastle, CA 95658..

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