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Grand Island Mansion Wedding Photography

Bora and Elliot’s wedding day took place at the ever so gorgeous Grand Island Mansion which is located just outside of the California Delta town of Walnut Grove. Right after the couple had eaten their dinner the sun was setting and I wanted to take them back outside for about fifteen minutes before all the reception events started for the night. Bora and Elliot were dressed so eloquently on their wedding day, which matched the style of the front of the mansion’s huge pillars. The photo worked out prefect with the sun setting at their backs and with the giant white mansion walls acting as a huge reflector to add some light to their bodies. Most of the time I set up my couples in simple poses and let them do the rest with their facial and body reactions to let the pictures come to life. I placed the two of them right between the two huge pillars and had Bora cuddle onto Elliot’s arm. I walked around to a couple of spots taking photos of the two of them in this same pose and then found this perfect angle for the rest of the photos. The pillars acted as a frame and added depth to the photo at that same time. I just love this simple relaxed pose and the genuine smiles on their faces.

Bride and Groom Photos at Grand Island Mansion Wedding

The Grand Island Mansion is the crown jewel of wedding venues in the California Delta located near the charming town of Walnut Grove. Honestly I think it’s one of the best wedding locations in all of the greater Sacramento area if you’re looking for a more of an elegant or formal wedding location. You can not beat this location when it comes to the wow factor of the grounds and everything on the property. The front pillars to the mansion are just massive and one of the many features of this wedding venue.

On your wedding day brides and grooms can get ready in some of the many rooms at the mansion. Most all wedding ceremonies take place on the front lawn. There are two locations, one on the far right side and one on the far left side of the mansion’s front lawn. If the weather doesn’t cooperate on your big day the wedding ceremony can be held indoor or in the back wedding reception tent. If you’re having a larger wedding your reception will take place in an eloquent reception tent behind the mansion. While smaller events have the option to have their dinner and dancing located inside the mansion. With the dinner taking place on the main floor and the dancing being held downstairs. This venue is that it can host ceremonies, receptions and events all year long unlike other locations in the great Sacramento area and Delta region.

The mansion and it’s property is a photographers playground with such massive grounds and a house to photograph inside and out. There’s the front of the mansion with it’s pillars, steps, fountains and tall cypress trees. Across the road are breathtaking views of the California Delta water ways and the Steamboat Slough. Behind the mansion are more fountains, a pool, tennis courts and a private pear orchard that’s a great back drop for pictures. Inside the mansion photo opportunities bound vintage decorated rooms, hallways amazing lounge areas. This is always a plus during summer weddings to go inside and cool off. If you’re a bride and groom looking for one of the premier wedding destinations in the Sacramento then look no further than the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove California.

My list of the top three reasons you should host your wedding festivities at Grand Island Mansion.

  1. My number one reason is the venue grounds and the mansion itself. When you’re driving down the river road to the estate and finally catch a glimpse of it through the trees you think it doesn’t look that big or impressive. Once you get closer and cruise down the drive way and really see the mansion up close your jaw will hit the floor. No photograph taken of the estate does it justices and shows how it really looks in person. It’s just one of those locations that you have to see for yourself to understand the true beauty and size of this wedding venue. There is so much to see that your mind starts to race on where to start first. Just the front of the mansion and gardens there would be enough to make most couples asking to book their date immediately. This section is just a small part of the grounds. This venue has that wow factor and if that’s what you’re looking for I would highly recommend taking a site visit of this location.
  2. The number two reason on why you should get married here are the ceremony site locations. On the grounds you’ll have three ceremony locations to pick from. If you’re having a bigger wedding then you’re limited to two locations. The smallest location on the estate will be the indoor reception area. This is also a plus since weddings can be held here year around unlike other wedding venues in the area. The other two ceremony sites are located on the front lawn. Both of them are stunning, well manicured and will leave you wondering what location to pick come wedding day.
  3. My third reason why you should tie the knot here is the whole package of this wedding venue. They have it all, from the amazing mansion, grounds, ceremony locations, reception sites, on site catering, over night rooms to stay in and the private location of the venue itself. Most wedding venues have one or two items that don’t make since and are a deal breaker, but this venue seems to have none. There’s a reason why this location is booked out usually a year in advance for most weekend dates. This is one wedding venue that should be on the top of your list to visit and to visit first. This way you don’t waste your time looking around and missing out on your preferred wedding date.

Here’s a list of unique services that they offer for events.

  • Bridal dressing room.
  • Banquet Staff, bartender and bar.
  • Tables, chairs, linens and a dance floor.
  • Plates, silverware and glassware.
  • Day of wedding planner.
  • Catering for brunch, lunch or dinner services.
  • Outside or inside ceremony.
  • On-site accommodations.

Location: Grand Island Mansion 13415 Grand Island Rd, Walnut Grove, CA 95690.

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