Grand Island Mansion Wedding Sunset Picture
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Grand Island Mansion Wedding

Grand Island Mansion Wedding Sunset Picture

Grand Island Mansion wedding sunset picture of a newly married couple standing next to one of the balcony edges of the front walk way around the mansion. The front area is set up perfect for sunset photos as the sun dips right behind the grassy hillside during the late evening. There are a good amount of locations in s short distance to get a good variety of photos for the wedding couple. Inside the mansion has lots of photo opportunities too. With vintage decorated rooms, hallways, and amazing lounge areas. This is always a plus during summer weddings when you can go inside and cool off while still taking pictures.

Here’s a list of unique services that they offer for events.

  • Bridal dressing room.
  • Banquet Staff, bartender and bar.
  • Tables, chairs, linens and a dance floor.
  • Plates, silverware and glassware.
  • Day of wedding planner.
  • Catering for brunch, lunch or dinner services.
  • Offering of making wedding cakes for couples.
  • Outside or inside ceremony.
  • On-site accommodations.
  • Outside or inside reception areas.
  • Can hold up to 400 guest.
  • Ample amount of complimentary parking for guest.

Location: 13415 Grand Island Rd, Walnut Grove, CA 95690.

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