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High Sierra Iris Wedding Gardens

High Sierra Iris Wedding Gardens Photography

High Sierra Iris Wedding Gardens photography of an adorable couple posing on Iris hill just after their ceremony in the Apple Hill area.

High Sierra Iris Wedding Gardens is located in the foothills just outside of Sacramento in the town of Camino California. This area of the foothills is know to locals as Apple Hill, which is super popular during the apple season from late September to November. This whole area is so quite and peaceful. If you’re looking for a outdoor mountain wedding location without going all the way to Tahoe then you’ve found your spot.

Once you arrive at this wedding venue you’ll be taken back by how cute and charming this outdoor area is. They have well manicured gardens surrounding the property and a darling pond surround by trees and willows. Besides the pond the crown jewel of this location is the Iris hill that when in bloom looks like something you would see in a movie.

You’ll greeted by a grand outdoor staircase that leads to down to the ceremony and reception site. The ceremony will take place right next to a arch way that is covered with greenery and flowers when in bloom. Besides that your backdrop is the surround forest and trees, which look astounding. Guest will be seated on the green lawn as they watch you enter by walking down the staircase. Once your ceremony is over the reception will take place on the same lawn as the ceremony.

During your cocktail hour you’re dinner tables will be moved from the dancing floor deck area to the grassy lawn. While your guest are enjoying cocktail hour you’ll be able to explore the surrounding area during for your bride and groom portrait session. The sure winners for locations will be Iris Hill and the lower shaded pond area. Again if your event takes places while all the flowers are in bloom you’ll be over the moon with how pleasing the surrounding area looks.

Once your dinner service is over your guest and you will be able to dance and let loose on the outdoor dance floor deck. This area is a great addition to this outdoor event center.

Location: 3170 Hassler Rd, Camino, CA 95709..

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