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Morgan Creek Golf Club Wedding Photographers

Morgan Creek Golf Club wedding photographers Doug Miranda Photography captured this photo just after the couples wedding ceremony out on the course. Once your guest are enjoying cocktail hour and getting ready to party the night away. You’ll be finishing up your family portraits and bridal party photos near by the Grand Pavilion on the elevated grassy hill that over looks the golf courses and surrounding area. Once those formal photos are finished you’ll be able to explore the venue for your couples portraits with your photographer. There are many breathtaking areas for you to have your pictures taken at with having access to the rolling green hills of the golf course and the near by lake at the 9th green. There is also some great oak trees near the Dry Creek area that has the bridge crossing it, which is also another great photo area. This whole area is also set up perfect for sunset as the sun will set behind you in the distance creating some epic pictures on your special day.

Location: 8791 Morgan Creek Ln, Roseville, CA 95747.

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