Old Sugar Mill Winery Wedding
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Old Sugar Mill Wedding

Old Sugar Mill Winery Wedding

Old Sugar Mill winery wedding photo of a bride and groom cuddling as the sun sets on during their special day with the old rustic buildings behind them. The Old Sugar Mill has a hand full of ceremony sites to pick from and accommodate your weddings needs. The first ceremony location here is “The Plaza” area which is the massive grass lawn area that is located right behind the main winery building. The Plaza ceremony site is for the larger wedding which can accommodate the most guest out of all the ceremony sites. The second ceremony location is the “Boiler Room”, which is a massive old building with super high ceilings. The Boiler Room is a nice location to host your wedding when you want to stay dry or cool during your event. The other indoor ceremony site is the large Gallery room which is the main building that houses all the wineries. Again this indoor site is great for hot or rainy cold days. Lastly the outdoor ceremony site “The Gove” is geared towards smaller weddings and has just as much charm as all the other locations around the grounds.

Once your ceremony is over your guest will be able to enjoy cocktail hour, which can be set up in many different locations around the winery grounds. One of the most elegant areas is the outdoor location know as the “French Quarter”. This area is just oozing with that old charm feel. Cocktail hour can also be set up on the Plaza lawn, Boiler Room and the Gallery area of the main building. Your family and friends are also free to roam around the grounds and check out the sprawling property.

Location: 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg, CA 95612.

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