Riva Grill Wedding Ceremony Photograph
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Riva Grill Wedding Ceremony Photograph

Riva Grill wedding ceremony photograph of a bride and groom screaming with joy right after they were pronounced husband and wife in front of their guest. The ceremony location at Riva Grill is located out back on the sandy shore line of Lake Tahoe. This ceremony area is one of a very short list of venues that are located right on the lake. This reason right here is one of the deciding factors couples choose to host their special day here. Once you walk out onto the beach and see the vast views, which will be your wedding backdrop you’ll understand why couples get married here. Behind you, you’ll be greeted by views of Heavenly Ski Resort and surrounding mountain tops. The ceremony site is just a short walk from the restaurant and is wheelchair accessible. This ceremony location is a must see if you’re looking from a waterfront wedding venue.

Riva Grill Wedding Ceremony Pictures

Location: 900 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150..

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