Getting Ready Pictures Sugar Bowl Resort Wedding
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Sugar Bowl Resort Wedding

Getting Ready Pictures Sugar Bowl Resort Wedding

Getting ready pictures Sugar Bowl Resort wedding photos of a bride walking down a hallway in the classic ski lodge that couples stay and get ready at. The old hallways at the lodge just are visually cool to me, so when this bride left her room to go do a first look I though it would be cool to snap some photos of her. The hallway is pretty dark and I had to wait until she passed by one of the dim lights to capture this photograph. There's something about this photo that I like even though it's not that classic pretty wedding day photo. Maybe it's just the cool hallway lines that draw you in. Anyways always remember to keep on taking photos when you're just walking around or during those in-between moments on these special days.

Location: 629 Sugar Bowl Rd, Norden, CA 95724..

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