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Tahoe Blue Estate Elopement Photographer

Tahoe Blue Estate elopement photographer Doug Miranda Photography captures this wedding photo at sunset during this couples Lake Tahoe Micro wedding. The Tahoe Blue Estate is one of the top locations for Lake Tahoe micro weddings. You're able to have your guest sleep at the venue you're getting married at and celebrating at. Besides that this Lake Tahoe elopement location has one of the best views of anywhere around the Tahoe basin. This location is a must elopement spot in Tahoe if you don't want to hike to get those amazing wedding photos. Summer elopements and small weddings are the quintessential Lake Tahoe wedding. Who doesn’t want to get married during a nice sunny warm day next to the waters edge at one of the most stunningly beautiful lakes in all of America. The downside to summer time elopements and small weddings are the crowds and available open dates. If you plan ahead you’ll be able to book a great venue though without hassle. Other than that summer is a perfect time to elope here.

Location: 650 Tina Ct, Glenbrook, NV 89413..

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