The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photograph
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The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photograph

The HideOut wedding ceremony photograph of a bride walking down the aisle with her dad at the start of the ceremony in front of family and friends. The most popular ceremony location is the forested meadow area. This grassy meadow area is surrounded by tall pines and has a wooden arbor and benches for guest to sit on during your nuptials. If all the snow has’t melted for those early summer weddings than your ceremony can take place outside at the lodge ceremony location. This are is situated right next to the main lodge and is a leveled out area. This area can be cleared of snow, which allows for events to take place at during those big winter years. Right behind the Saloon building is a rocky boulder area that can also host ceremonies and is another unique area to get married at. Couples can also host their ceremony on the shoreline of the lake, which is breathtaking area to have the lake and forest as the backdrop to nuptials.

The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Picture

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Location: 43300 CA-88, Kirkwood, CA 95646.

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