Twenty Mile House Wedding Train Track Pictures
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Twenty Mile House Wedding

Twenty Mile House Wedding Train Track Pictures

Twenty Mile House wedding train track pictures of a bride and groom posing on the tracks together in the late afternoon light before their reception. Your dinner and speeches will take place on the front lawn of the Main House. This area is a great spot for dinner and is in the shade most of the year during this time of day, which a plus during the summer months. When your speeches and dinner are done you’ll head right over the open air dance floor for your special dance and open dance party. This area is located right between the Main House and General store. The close proximity of these locations makes the reception part of the wedding day at the Twenty Mile House flow smoothly with little to no hiccups. This area also looks amazing at night with all the stringed twinkle lights between the trees that give the grounds that fairytale feeling. Your guest and you will be able to enjoy the rest of the night dancing and enjoying the evening mingling with friends at this magical Sierra Nevada Mountains wedding venue.

Twenty Mile House Wedding Portraits

Location: 700 Old Cromberg Rd, Cromberg, CA 96103.

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