Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding First Dance
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Valhalla Tahoe Wedding

Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding First Dance

Valhalla Tahoe winter wedding first dance picture of a bride and groom enjoying dancing in-front of their guest and next to the massive Christmas tree in the grand hall on a cold and snowy December evening. Reception events and dinners can take place at two different locations, while your cocktail hour is usually hosted outside amongst the tall pine trees. The first area that can host dinners and events is outside on the lawn near the ceremony site. This area is picturesque and has filtered views of the lake through the pine trees. Again the outside option is popular during the warm summer months and early fall. The second option for dinner is inside the Grand Hall. Couples usually pick this option during the colder months or when bad weather comes in. All dancing though will take place inside the grand hall no matter how warm it is outside. Once indoors you’ll be able to dance and party the night away with all of your guest inside this historical building.

Location: 1 Valhalla Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 9615o..

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