Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding Getting Ready Photos
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Valhalla Tahoe Wedding

Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding Getting Ready Photos

Valhalla Tahoe winter wedding getting ready photos of a bride having her veil put into her hair before the start of her ceremony on a December afternoon. Getting ready at your wedding venue is always a huge plus in my opinion. The reason being is that everything can take place in one location and there is no traveling from one place to another. When this happens it really slows down the day or you really have to plan out everything with lots of front end time. Moral of the story is that it’s great when you can get ready at your wedding site. The getting ready will take place upstairs in the grand hall. One of the areas is at the top of the stairs and this giant room is usually taken by the ladies. There is plenty of room for all the getting ready actives you have planned in this spacious area to happen. Just a short walk down the upstairs walk way will take you to the other room on the opposite side of the building. This other room is also big and has enough room for people to get ready in.

Location: 1 Valhalla Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150..

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