Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding Photograph
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Valhalla Tahoe Wedding

Valhalla Tahoe Winter Wedding Photograph

Valhalla Tahoe winter wedding photograph of a newly married couple venturing out into a December snowstorm to have their portraits taken in the snowy winter wonderland. During the cold and winter weddings you have to act fast and have a game plan when going outside. The reason being is the couple will get cold and not last that long outside. The same goes for you even if you're wearing warm clothes and a jacket your hands will stop working at some point. All the above happened to us and we only last about 10-15 minutes outside before heading back into the warmth of the grand hall on the cold evening. Lake Tahoe winter weddings are such a dream to capture for those adventurous couples welling to get married during those snowy months.

Location: 1 Valhalla Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.

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