Vizcaya Sacramento Courtyard Wedding Photos
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Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding

Vizcaya Sacramento Courtyard Wedding Photos

Vizcaya Sacramento courtyard wedding photos of a bride and groom walking hand in hand together for some portraits just after their first look on a hot summers day. The nice thing about this venue is they have lots of shaded areas to escape the heat when it's hot. When it gets too hot there are also some great locations inside to take portraits at, which will give everyone a break from the heat. We ended up staying outside from about 20 minutes before heading back indoors to cool down and get out of the warm temperatures.

There are some many great locations in and around the grounds for couple portraits. This is one of the many reasons couples choose to get married here for the elegant beauty of the venue. If you time it just right you’ll be able to take some breathtaking sunset photos out in front of the pavilion building by the massive water fountain and surround streets. The other bonus to having lots of great indoor or covered areas is you’ll still be able to have fabulous pictures taken of you during bad or hot weather that might take place on your special day.

Location: 2019 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818..

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