Vizcaya Sacramento Winter Wedding Bridal Photos
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Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding

Vizcaya Sacramento Winter Wedding Bridal Photos

Vizcaya Sacramento bridal photos of a smiling bride walking over to her winter wedding ceremony site. Her nuptials took place in the smaller courtyard area, which is located right behind the pavilion. This site is used smaller guest count weddings and is an equally visual stunning as the larger courtyard. This area has many bushes, plants and trees that gives off ample shade for guest to sit in. This is perfect for those hot summer days. Lastly, another ceremony site is located in the elegant reception pavilion, which can house ceremonies when the weather is stormy, cold or too hot. It’s so nice when your venue has a plan B for your nuptials. The Pavilion is perfect for winter weddings in Sacramento. It’s a great feeling to know that what ever happens you and your guest will be comfortable while you tie the knot.

Location: 2019 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818..

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