Wine and Roses Wedding Night Photos
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Wine and Roses Wedding

Wine and Roses Wedding Night Photos

Wine and Roses wedding night photos of a bride and groom kissing under a giant set of trees that are lit up by twinkle lights on their special day. This couple had this specific photo in mind and had a light installation company hang this twinkle lights for them in these set of trees. When the couple was tired of dancing and needed a break from their reception is when we headed out for some fresh air and to capture these pictures for them. Since it was chilly we didn't spend too much time outside, but I was able to create some great portraits for the two of them. I showed them a couple of pictures on the back of my camera and they were thrilled with how they turned out. Once they saw them they headed back in to dance the night away with their guest.

Location: 2505 W Turner Rd, Lodi, CA 95242..

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