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Northstar California Resort is one of the top wedding destinations in Truckee California and the north side of Lake Tahoe. The ski resort is nestled in an alpine forest high above the old railroad town of Truckee. In the winter time skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions. While in the summer time mountain biking, hiking and weddings are the actives of the season. Northstar Resort has many wedding venues to choose from to host your ceremony and reception. With TC’s Pub, Tavern 6330’ and Copper Lane located in the Village at Northstar. These locations are great for smaller weddings and a indoor locations. While there are three main outdoor locations for weddings. The first is Zephyr Lodge, which is located at the top of the mountain above 8000 feet and is truly an great location for an outdoor wedding where views abound. The next is the Lodge at Big Springs which is located on the ski hill at the mid mountain lodge and is another great setting for a forest wedding. The final outdoor location is the Overlook Pavilion at the top of the Village at Northstar right at the edge of the forest and has a grassy lawn where the ceremonies take place. With all of these stunning location options to have your wedding at it’s no wonder why Northstar hosts tons of weddings through out the seasons all year long. Most all of the locations are open in the winter time to have a dreamy winter wedding on the snowy ski slopes of a Sierra Nevada mountain side resort. There are tons of lodging locations right at the bottom of the hill at the Village at Northstar, which makes it easy for everyone to get ready close by. The bonus to that is having your wedding venue with in walking distance of your lodging. The staff at Northstar are well trained in hosting weddings and events and will make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly to allow you a stress free wedding day. The following wedding gallery on this website is from a ceremony and reception that was held at the Overlook Pavilion. The wedding took place on warm fall day in September, which is one of the most popular months besides June to host a wedding in the Lake Tahoe basin area. With little to no rain and sunny skies September is a prefect month for weddings. Their wedding ceremony was held on the grassy lawn with the pine forest as the backdrop. Right next to the ceremony site is the gorgeous reception tent where the eating and dancing takes place. With all these prefect wedding locations to choose from at Northstar Californian Resort it’s no wonder it’s one of the top locations in the Lake Tahoe area for events.