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Valhalla Tahoe Wedding

Valhalla Tahoe is located in South Lake Tahoe California on the historical Tallac site. This wedding venue is situated in a tall pine tree forest that runs along the beaches and water front of Camp Richardson in south Tahoe. This venue will take you back in time to how Tahoe use to look and feel. The park service and the Valhalla Tahoe board of supervisors have kept up the grounds and structures to their original look. Many visitors come to this area of Tahoe to experience just that.

If your wedding takes place here your bridal party and you will be able to get ready on site in one of the many rooms at Valhalla Grand Hall. Each room takes you back in time to when the building was first built in the 1924. It has that old charm and vintage feel to it. Getting ready at your wedding venue is always a huge plus in my opinion. The reason being is that everything can take place in one location and there is no traveling from one place to another. When this happens it really slows down the day or you really have to plan out everything with lots of front end time. Moral of the story is that it’s great when you can get ready at your wedding site. The getting ready will take place upstairs in the grand hall. One of the areas is at the top of the stairs and this giant room is usually taken by the ladies. There is plenty of room for all the getting ready actives you have planned in this spacious area to happen. Just a short walk down the upstairs walk way will take you to the other room on the opposite side of the building. This other room is also big and has enough room for people to get ready in. Both of these rooms are spacious and have big windows to let in lots of light, which is great for your photographer. Once everyone is ready you’ll head on down for the start of the ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies can take place in two different locations at Valhalla Tahoe. The Grand Hall is the first location and is the indoor option for this venue. The hall is a giant two story building with huge open ceilings for a good portion of the estate that has an indoor second story wrap around decks. You’ll be married right in front of the huge fireplace that is the center piece of Valhalla Grand Hall. This is one venue that has a beautiful indoor ceremony location. Having an indoor option is always good to have just in case there is bad weather on your special day. The second location to host your ceremony at is out back on the forested lawn area. This area is also a stunning option to tie the knot at. To one side you have views of Lake Tahoe and the famous boat house. The other side will have view of the grand hall and behind you will be a tall pine tree forest. Both options are stunning and it’s up to the couple on which one to pick. During the summer months most couples choose the outdoor option and when it’s gets cold the ceremonies usually end up taking place inside.

When your ceremony is over and you're a married couple you’ll then be able to have your family, bridal party and couple’s portraits taken around the massive grounds at Valhalla and the Tallac site. There are so many great opportunities for wedding photos around the estate and you’ll even have access to the waterfront and a public pier., which is amazing at sunset. Having lake access is one of the main selling points to this already spectacular venue. If you’re having a Tahoe wedding it’s almost a must to have photos taken on a beach or a pier. Besides the surrounding forest and beach you can also have your photographs taken around and in the Grand Hall. There are some really unique and classic spots for pictures at Valhalla. Once you’re finished with photos you’ll be able to join your guest at cocktail hour or be introduced to your reception.

Reception events and dinners can take place at two different locations, while your cocktail hour is usually hosted outside amongst the tall pine trees. The first area that can host dinners and events is outside on the lawn near the ceremony site. This area is picturesque and has filtered views of the lake through the pine trees. Again the outside option is popular during the warm summer months and early fall. The second option for dinner is inside the Grand Hall. Couples usually pick this option during the colder months or when bad weather comes in. All dancing though will take place inside the grand hall no matter how warm it is outside. Once indoors you’ll be able to dance and party the night away with all of your guest inside this historical building.

If you’re looking for a lakefront wedding venue in the Tahoe area with a vintage feel to it you then should put this location on your list for a site visit. There’s a reason why this venue host some many weddings year after year and is becoming more popular than ever in the greater Tahoe area. I have a feeling that once you see this estate with your own eyes you’ll want to book it right away for your special day.

Here are my top two reasons why you should host your wedding at Valhalla Tahoe.

  1. My number one reason you should host your wedding event at Valhalla Tahoe is the lakeside location that it offers. As the years go on there are fewer and fewer lakeside venues around Tahoe and Valhalla is one of them that still offers its ground for events. Besides being located on the lake shore the property that surrounds the Grand Hall is breathtaking in it’s own right and attracts couples to book this venue.
  2. The second reason why you should host your wedding here having an open slate for setting up your wedding day. Most venues are set up the same every time for events. Where at Valhalla you can add your own personality to your special day to create the wedding of your dreams.

There are many other reasons why people choose to get married here, but these two are just the start of them.

Here’s a list of unique services that they offer for events.

  • Wedding ceremony rehearsal walkthrough.
  • Tables round and long, chairs, chair cushions and a dance floor.
  • Getting ready rooms.
  • Inside ceremony and reception area.
  • Outdoor reception area.
  • Parking for guest.
  • Capacity is up to 130 guests.
  • Custom curtains and draping.
  • Up to 13 hours of event venue time.

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding day please fill out the contract form on this website. You can also email me directly at or give me a call at 916-422-2256. I look forward to hearing from you.