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The Chateau at Incline Village Wedding Photographer

The Chateau at Incline Village is a wedding and event venue that sits atop an 18 hole championship golf course with mountain views and filtered views of North Lake Tahoe. This clubhouse and grand ballroom is located in the mountain town of Incline Village Nevada, which is situated in a tall pine tree forest on the North shore of Lake Tahoe. The Chateau is one of the few wedding venues that is located on the Nevada side of Tahoe. With this location being a top notch golfing destination you’ll find that the surrounding property and grounds are immaculately kept up. This is one of the perks of getting married here is the pure beauty of the area and surrounding mountain forest.

The Chateau does offer getting ready rooms for both couples, but are on the smaller side. Most couples that host there weddings here opt to get ready at local hotels or near by Airbnb’s or rental homes. By doing this you’ll give yourself more space and options to get ready at. Once you’re done with the getting ready part you’ll end up heading over the Chateau for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding ceremonies can take place at three location around the Chateau’s property. The first location for a ceremony is on the 10th tee box out on the golf course which overlooks the 18th hole and has views of Lake Tahoe. The second wedding location is nestled in the trees at the Creekside Ceremony Site. This area is right next to a rushing creek under the tall canopy of pine trees, which gives ample shade on those hot summer afternoons. The last ceremony site is located inside the grand ballroom next to one of the massive fireplaces. The inside location is great for winter weddings and when the weather takes a turn for the worst or if its just to cold outside. All three of these locations are stunning and no matter which one you pick to get married at your big day will be amazing.

After your ceremony and formal family portraits are over you’ll be able to walk around the grounds and surrounding golf course to have your portraits taken by your photographer. There are many breathtaking and beautiful locations for these photos just within walking distance of the club house and ballroom. Once you’re done with your photo session you’ll head back to the ballroom for the start of your reception.

All receptions take place in the grand ballroom at the Chateau. Cocktail hour will also be held inside the ballroom or outside of it on the wrap around second story deck that has views of the surrounding mountain tops and Tahoe. You’ll be able to take in all these views while enjoying cocktail hour. The ballroom is a massive room with huge vaulted ceilings that make it feel even bigger. There are two grand fireplaces on the both sides of the room which is great for those fall and winter time wedding and events. This ballroom is one of the biggest in the Tahoe region and can hold up to 250 guest. Most of the time the head table is set up in the center of the room right in front of the huge dance floor. With this layout the room is divide into two areas and the dance floor and head table become the center of attention. One of the bonuses of having an indoor reception site is that in the summer time you and your guest are able to stay cool during those hot days and in the fall and winter you’re able to stay warm and dry. This grand ballroom is the reason that the Chateau is one of the few wedding venues that’s able to host events year around in the greater Tahoe area.

The Chateau at Incline Village is one of the special locations that you have to see for yourself to understand the pure beauty of this golf course and wedding venue. This event center is one the premier wedding venues in the Tahoe region. If you’re thinking of hosting a wedding around this amazing lake then you should set up an appointment to take a site visit at the Chateau. You’ll be happy that you did.

Here are my top 3 reasons that you should host or think about hosting your wedding at the Chateau at Incline Village.

  1. My number one reason is to host your wedding here is that it’s a one stop shop in terms of wedding venues. By this, I mean they have it all and you really don’t have to hire too many wedding vendors other than the location. Some venues make you rent chairs, tables, linens, silverware, glassware, china and many other items that all add up really quickly. At the Chateau all this is included in your rental fee. They also have in house catering and bartending services that’s included too unlike other venues in the Tahoe area. It’s really nice to be able to book a location and have all these items included in your package.
  2. My number two reason for getting married here is the location of the venue. The Chateau is located in a great spot of Incline Village, which is away from the crowds of the lake shore. It’s also located near lots of hotels and rental properties for you and your guest to stay at. It’s also a quick drive down to Reno, which is great for all the people who have to travel by airplanes to get to your event
  3. My third reason on why you should host your wedding event here is the pure beauty of the venue and surrounding grounds. As stated above the venue is surrounded by an amazingly manicured golf course that is nestled in a giant pine tree forest that gives you all those mountain vibes. You also have views of Lake Tahoe too at certain locations around the property. You will not be disappointed by the look and upkeep of this venue.

Here’s a guide of unique services that the Chateau offer for events and ceremonies.

  • Banquet Staff, bartender, service staff and bars.
  • Tables, chairs, linens and a dance floor.
  • Catering for event and dinner services.
  • Inside ceremony and reception area.
  • Outside ceremony locations.
  • On site dressing room.
  • Plates, silverware and glassware.
  • Free parking for guest.
  • Day of wedding planner.
  • Set up and clean up of event.
  • Able to host events year around.
  • Guest capacity is 250.

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding day please fill out the contract form on this website. You can also email me directly at or give me a call at 916-422-2256. I look forward to hearing from you.