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The Hideout Kirkwood Lake Wedding 
The HideOut Wedding Bride Getting Ready
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The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photograph
The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Picture
The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photography
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The HideOut Wedding
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The HideOut Kirkwood Fly Fishing Wedding
The HideOut Wedding Bride Getting Ready Photos
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The HideOut Wedding Photos
The HideOut Wedding Reception Photos
The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photo
The HideOut Wedding Vow Photos
The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Pic
The HideOut Wedding Photographer
The HideOut Cocktail Hour
The HideOut Wedding Sunset Portrait
The HideOut First Dance Photos
The HideOut Kirkwood Giant Hot Tub
The HideOut Wedding Bridal Getting Ready
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The HideOut Wedding Portrait
The HideOut Reception Photo
The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Photos
The HideOut Wedding Photograph
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The HideOut Wedding Sunset Photo
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The HideOut First Dance Photo
The HideOut Dance Hall Photos
The HideOut Wedding Groom Getting Ready
The HideOut Wedding First Row
The HideOut Wedding Portraits
The HideOut Wedding Saloon Photo
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The HideOut Wedding Ceremony Pictures
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The HideOut Wedding Reception Photo
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The Hideout Kirkwood

The HideOut is a picturesque high sierra wedding venue located on 40 acres of private land about 12 miles south of Kirkwood Ski Resort and about 45 miles from South Lake Tahoe. This stunning venue started to take shape back in 1998 when the Hoovers purchased the land and began to build their vision of a vacation house, which tuned into what you see today when you visit this sprawling wedding center. This is truly a one of a kind location and venue to host your wedding festivities at. It will be your own private mountain getaway for either 4 to 5 days depending on what package you book. The HideOut is one of the only venues in the Northern California area that offers this type of exclusiveness to couples who choose to book their special day with them.

The getting ready part of your wedding day will take place in the grand 5,000 square foot lodge, which is located right on the waters edge of the mountain lake, which is the focal point of this property. There are many areas to get ready at in this 7 room log cabin lodge. There is plenty of room for the couple and their wedding party to get ready at. If for some reason you want to be separate from each other during this part of the day there are other buildings on the grounds for this to happen at. There’s plenty of room over at the saloon for the groom and his friends to get ready at and enjoy playing games in this old western themed building. There’s also another mountain cabin located just across the lake called The Lookout. This lodge can be rented out when booking your event. This 4 bedroom lodge can host a good amount of guest and has plenty of room for the getting ready part of your day and photos to take place at. Once everyone is ready you’ll be heading out to one of the ceremony locations for located on the grounds.

There are a couple ceremony locations situated around the property at The HideOut. The first one and most popular ceremony location is the forested meadow area. This grassy meadow area is surrounded by tall pines and has a wooden arbor and benches for guest to sit on during your nuptials. If all the snow has’t melted for those early summer weddings than your ceremony can take place outside at the lodge ceremony location. This are is situated right next to the main lodge and is a leveled out area. This area can be cleared of snow, which allows for events to take place at during those big winter years. Right behind the Saloon building is a rocky boulder area that can also host ceremonies and is another unique area to get married at. Couples can also host their ceremony on the shoreline of the lake, which is breathtaking area to have the lake and forest as the backdrop to nuptials. Lastly if inclement weather moves in you can host your ceremony in the confines of the covered Dance Hall down by the reception site. It’s always nice to have a plane B location if that summer thunderstorm might roll in during your big day. I always love it when venues can give you multiple ceremony locations to choose from vs only having one. It make’s it much more appealing to have choices and then you can put your own personal touch on it.

Once your married and walk back down the aisle as a married couple you’re guest will be heading over the reception barn area and saloon for cocktail hour and hors-d’oeuvre. During this time you’ll be finishing up with family portraits and then heading out for couples portraits around the massive grounds. The HideOut is a wedding photographers playground. There are so many unique locations and natural beauty surrounding the ceremony and reception site that it’s kinda of confusing on where to start first for your couple’s portraits. The good thing about staying here at least a day or two before your celebration you’ll have an understanding of what areas you like and don’t like before your portrait session starts. One of the most popular areas for portraits is around the main lodge and lake. That spot is perfect for sunset photos since the sun will be dipping behind the lake and rocky hillside. Plus that area is close to the reception site and will be a quick walk back to the party. Another close by area is the high rocky and boulder hill right next to the main lodge and hot tube. This area is high up and gives you amazing views of the surround forest, mountains and lake. This rocky hill definitely gives you that high sierra look and feel. This high up vantage point is a perfect area for sunset photos. One other area that comes to mind is the meadow and forested area near the main ceremony site. During a hot summer afternoon this forested spot is a great place to hide from the sun and have some stunning photos taken of the two of you together. You can have quick access to two completely different looking areas with that forested look and that open mountain meadow vide. Personally I love this area for after the ceremony portraits and then hitting up the other areas by the lake and saloon for sunset portraits. Besides these spots there are so many other locations around the grounds. Even the lakeside deck of the main house and interior of the lodge are a perfect spot for romantic photos too.

The reception site and dance hall will be the center of the party as cocktail hour moves along into the dinner and reception events. Located just down the hill from the main lodge and right next to the meadow is the reception area and dance hall. Surrounding this spot are some nice tall pine trees to give shade in the afternoon when all your family and friends are mingling around. The bar is located right next to the dance hall to keep the party going. Your dinner will take place among the pine trees and right next to the shady side of the dance hall. This area will have huge farm tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 200 guest for dinner service and other reception events like speeches. Once all the formalities are done for the evening the dancing and cake cutting will take place inside the dance hall. At this point guest are welcome to dance and mingle around the dance hall and saloon area. The saloon is a great spot to go inside and still have some fun playing billiards, games and having a drink or two.

The HideOut is such a unique and secluded wedding venue that attract couples who are looking for that mountain get away to host their wedding festivities at in the high sierra mountain range. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is off the beaten path than this location is for you. Pictures of this venue do not do it justice. You’ll have to see it with your on eyes to really see that magic that this area possess and brings to life. Please do you self a favor and take a site visit as soon as you can.

Here are my top two reasons why you should host your wedding at The HideOut.

My number one reason you should host your wedding event at The HideOut is the pure beauty that this remote and secluded high sierra event center is surrounded by. From the private alpine lake to the forested meadow area and high granite boulder fields this area is a pristine mountain get away.

The second reason why you should host your wedding here is having a fully private venue for family and friends. You’ll never have to worry about an wanted guest wondering into your wedding celebration, which can happen a most venues. I’ve seen it too many of times where people off the street or guest from hotels just walk straight into your reception or stand super close by an ongoing ceremony to see what’s going on. You’ll never have to worry about a lookie-loo popping into any of your events through out your day at The HideOut. This is one of the many perks of holding your celebration on 40 acres of private land out in the middle of the forest.

There are many other reasons why couples should choose to get married here, but these two are the ones that come to mind.

Here’s a list of unique services that they offer for events.

  • 40 acres of mountain landscape to explore.
  • Lake front 5,000 sq ft Lodge
  • Old western saloon.
  • 30’x70’ enclosed barn
  • Kitchens and BBQ’s
  • Bar area
  • Wedding ceremony rehearsal walkthrough.
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • No curfew and limited restrictions
  • Tables round and chairs
  • Lighted dance floor
  • Getting ready rooms.
  • Inside ceremony and reception area.
  • Multiple outdoor wedding ceremony locations
  • Heated 30-person Natural Granite Hot Tub.
  • Outdoor reception area.
  • Pet friendly
  • Wifi access
  • PA system
  • Parking for guest.
  • Small RV and tent camping for guest
  • Capacity is up to 200 guests and more is permitted if requested.
  • Handicap accessible

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding day please fill out the contract form on this website. You can also email me directly at or give me a call at 916-422-2256. I look forward to hearing from you.